Monster Skills Database Complete! July 28, 2015

It took FOREVER, but I've finally completed entering every skill in the game for each monster. I will now be integrating this information into your monster boxes for tracking skill-ups! Bestiary will also gain some new filtering features.

I am missing level-up description text for the following monster skills. If you have these monsters please leave a feedback so I can complete the information. If I don't know how many skill-ups a skill can have then I can't tell you how many skill-ups are left to max skills!

Up to date with 1.7.0 July 19, 2015

Magic knight has been added! Go add that Lapis to your collection and check out the entire group in the bestiary.

Status update July 8, 2015

Given the feedback from everyone in the reddit topic, I thought I would reiterate what my priorities are: