Garen Forest


MonsterStarsLevelHPAttackDefenseSpeedResistanceAccuracyCritical RateCritical Damage Reduction
Wave 1Forest Keeper (Wind)21614701041249616000
Forest Keeper (Wind)21614701041249616000
Wave 2Forest Keeper (Wind)31719951411699616000
Forest Keeper (Wind)31719951411699616000
Forest Keeper (Wind)31719951411699616000
Wave 3Forest Keeper (Wind)31719951411699616000
Forest Keeper (Wind)41729701942539619000
Forest Keeper (Wind)31719951411699616000

  • Date Range: 01/10/2023 - 09/10/2023
  • 75 records
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DropChanceQuantityAvg. Per 100
Mana Mana 100.000%277 - 2469125392.000
Energy Energy 46.667%1 - 357.333
Crystal Crystal 1.333%11.333
Unknown Scroll Unknown Scroll 14.667%4 - 568.000
Forest Keeper
Wind Forest Keeper 2.7%
Water Inugami 1.3%
Monster Flower
Water Monster Flower 1.3%
Wind Mushroom 1.3%

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Rune Drops


Rune Drops


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