Welcome to SWARFARM June 8, 2015

Hello and welcome to SWARFARM. I've taken inspiration from the incredibly useful PADherder to create something similar for Summoner's War. This website is intended to make your life easier by tracking your monsters, materials, and priorities in game so you don't have to.

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Current Features

Check out the changelist to see what's been going on behind the scenes.

Rift of Worlds Raid Reports March 31, 2017

Here's the link. I believe this now fully covers every major area of the game. I have no plans to add any more log sections unless Com2US adds new content. To celebrate, here's a list of stats after just under 1 full year of logging on SWARFARM!

Wish log reports are live March 14, 2017

Check it out.

I have a small list of improvements to make already:

Import queuing system March 3, 2017

All SWProxy and PCAP uploads are now processed through a queue system to provide a better experience during Free Rune Removal day. The server should remain usable, with the slight downside that you might have to wait a little bit to get your data imported. The average profile takes about 20 seconds to import, so your wait time should not be very long in any case.

The queue is lacking a few features I will be working on soon, such as position in queue or average wait time. I just wanted to get the system operational before FRR day to work out any issues before the load hit and the site went down.

Wish logs reset Feb. 23, 2017

The wish rune reward is finally being parsed correctly after I got my hands on a full data log of the wish. The logs unfortunately have to be reset to ensure the data is accurate. Be sure to restart your proxies!