Patch 3.5.4 changes applied Aug. 30, 2017

If you notice any errors please leave feedback

Data logs update Aug. 1, 2017

Data collection has just started for the Unknown and Mystical Box items available in the crafting building. Collection will be going on in the background for a couple weeks until a sufficient amount of boxes have been opened. Restart your proxies to get the new command list!

A couple of days ago, the Elemental Rift Dungeon logging was updated to include the grindstones and enchant gems that can drop now. The UI will be updated soon to display the new data.

Patch 3.4.5 and 3.4.8 changes applied June 29, 2017

The balance patch changes have been reapplied - they were lost during the previously mentioned database rollback - and the new support L/D Homunculus have been added.

Database rollback June 7, 2017

During an attempt to remove inactive accounts it was brought to my attention that the system was improperly removing active accounts. The database has been rolled back to a backup taken on June 5, 2017. I apologize for any lost data, as there is no chance to recover anything from the last two days.

I have determined why the system did not work as expected and will be taking preventative measures. The root of the issue is that the last login timestamp is not updated unless you actually enter your login credentials. At the same time, I allow long-running browser sessions so you are not required to enter your credentials as long as you use the same browser and computer. This lead to the last login timestamp not accurately reflecting the actual activity of the user account. Additionally, before any more deletions of this scope, I will be taking a backup so that the worst case for data loss will be a few minutes instead of days.

Due to the rollback, the patch 3.4.5 changes are missing again and I will re-add them shortly.

Rift of Worlds Raid Reports March 31, 2017

Here's the link. I believe this now fully covers every major area of the game. I have no plans to add any more log sections unless Com2US adds new content. To celebrate, here's a list of stats after just under 1 full year of logging on SWARFARM!