Patch 3.8.5 changes applied April 27, 2018

All the skill balance changes have been applied to the bestiary database. Additionally, the Chakram Dancer and Boomerang Warrior skills were updated to correctly indicate the Ally Attack effect. Leave some feedback if you notice errors.

Patch 3.8.0 update and new skill effect filters March 19, 2018

The latest patch changes were applied a few days ago with the Chakram Dancer and Boomerang Warrior monster families. In addition, two new filterable skill effects were added:

Patch 3.7.7 Changes Applied Feb. 9, 2018

As usual leave feedback if you notice errors.

Patch 3.7.2 changes applied Nov. 29, 2017

As always if you notice any issues leave some feedback.

SWARFARM has a new home Oct. 12, 2017

SWARFARM has really outgrown it's original hardware, and I'm sure if you use the site at all you've noticed that there were a lot of response time issues. All of that should now be resolved with some new hardware generously donated by the folks behind the PokemonGO Alerts Network! Give the site a spin and let me know of any feedback positive or negative over in the active topic about site speed