Goodbye to HoH logging Jan. 13, 2017

Now that HoH dungeons are no longer random, there is no need to log them and generate statistics anymore. Previous runs will remain in the database but no new HoH dungeons will be listed, starting with the Wind Pirate Captain dungeon this weekend.

New time filter available for data logs Jan. 12, 2017

In the data logs you will find new options for time filters. A new one has been added: "Patch 3.2.1 to Present", which filters data to logs created after the patch went live - or in other words, after the last 4* rune dropped in a B10 Caiross dungeon. This filter is now the default for new visitors, but if you've visited before you will need to change it yourself.

The old options 'Pre-Homunculus" and "Post-Homunculus" have been renamed to use their patch numbers instead, and "Post-Homunculus" is now a finite timespan from patch 3.0.2 live date to 3.2.1 live date.

Scenario summary table added to data log reports Jan. 10, 2017

The default scenario data log view is now a table with a wide variety of information:

Every scenario stage and difficulty that has more than 100 logs is on the table. The usual detailed view is available by clicking on the scenario name. And a special bonus if you've been logging your own runs: XP and Mana per hour, based on your average stage clear time.

Check it out here!

World boss logs reset Dec. 31, 2016

The world boss logging has been finalized and monster drops are now being correctly recorded. To make sure the statistics are accurate, I've had to reset the logs recorded already. Starting now, all logs will be permanent.

Restart your proxies for World Boss logging Dec. 23, 2016

I had to fix the fields that the world boss data log sends, so restart your proxy (if you leave it running for long periods of time) and the logger plugin will pick up the new change.