Restart your proxies for World Boss logging Dec. 23, 2016

I had to fix the fields that the world boss data log sends, so restart your proxy (if you leave it running for long periods of time) and the logger plugin will pick up the new change.

Patch 3.2.0 changes applied Dec. 21, 2016

All the skill balance updates from patch 3.2.0 have been applied to the bestiary database, along with the leader skill changes and Anubis first skill updates. If you find any errors, please leave some feedback!

World boss logging activated Dec. 21, 2016

I've started logging world boss drops - with one caveat. I don't know what the data looks like when a monster is dropped. I've set up the code to save a sample from the data when something unknown drops, so I'll be able to update it ASAP as soon as some lucky person gets a devilmon or angelmon.

Magic Shop refreshes now logging Dec. 14, 2016

Data is now logging for the magic shop! Just restart your SWProxy client and the plugin will automatically update. The charts and stats for the magic shop are in progress and will be live soon, once more data is available.

Feature Freeze Nov. 30, 2016

I am not working on new features as fast as I used to, which many of you may have noticed. I'm not abandoning the site or losing interest - far from it! What's basically happened is that I've reached the point where it's difficult to integrate new features with the technologies I've been using. This website started as a learning project to become well versed in Python and basic web development. Now I'm suffering from jQuery Spaghetti and it's time for a better way.

Over the past couple months I've been learning, researching, and experimenting with the latest and greatest web technologies. What I've settled on is using React with various libraries and expanding the API (see note) to support it all. The API will use JWT authentication which opens the doors for third-party apps and tools. And of course, it's being developed with the current suggestions in the feedback section in mind.

The server architecture will also change. FRR day tends to overload the server, but otherwise the load is very manageable. In other words, the server is oversized for the majority of the time just to avoid complete destruction one day a month. Obviously that is not ideal, and anyone with server architecture or cloud experience is shaking their heads at me right now. A load balancer and pool of application servers plus a queue system for abnormally intense operations (SWProxy import, generating data log statistics, etc) should alleviate all of these issues. You'll just have to wait in line on FRR day.

Finally, once the new code goes live (either beta subdomain or bill o'reilly style) the entire codebase for the frontend and backend will be published on github to allow inspection and contributions.

TLDR: Working a complete site revamp in the background. Bug fixes and game updates only for the near future.

Note: Only the bestiary section of the API is reasonably complete at this moment, the rest may or may not work or do anything.