Oct. 1, 2020

Updated for patch 6.0.6 + SFV collab

The latest game balance changes have been applied. Please leave feedback if you notice any errors so it can be corrected quickly. The skill effects for all the new Street Fighter mons + their generic versions have also been added.

Aug. 7, 2020

6.0.0 and Artifact Update Progress

  • New dungeons and floors are available in the Dungeons section. This includes artifact drop data.
  • Rift beast dungeon does not have logs due to lack of data samples. Will be added eventually
  • Most backend work for artifacts is done. Profiles are currently importing all artifacts, but they are currently not displayed.
  • UI work is ongoing to manage/filter your artifacts and see them on monsters

You can track development progress in more detail on Trello

Aug. 7, 2020

Small update to skill filtering

Filters for AOE and Passive skills have moved into their own filter fields. You'll no longer find "AOE" or "Auto Effect" effects under the "Other Effects" filter options.

July 23, 2020

Updated for patch 5.4.0

Thanks to the hard work of Lyrex on the unofficial Discord server the bestiary data is now updated to patch 5.4.0.

July 2, 2020

Bestiary frozen at patch 5.3.6 until further notice

You might have noticed that nothing has been updated for the 5.3.9 patch yet. In this patch com2us has changed the game data table format and I can no longer extract the detailed information I could before. I don't have the time or willpower to manually update the bestiary, and things like multipliers can't be manually updated because the information is hidden, so it will be frozen at patch 5.3.6 until further notice.

If anyone has any leads on how to decode the new localvalue.dat file contained in the game files, please drop me a line here in the feedback section, on github, or on discord.