Nov. 3, 2020

Discord server for organizing development

I've created a discord server for people interested in contributing code to SWARFARM. This will be where development efforts are organized, and an easy place to answer questions and share my experience in the codebase. If you're interested, first take a look through the repo on GitHub and get yourself set up with a development environment. If you want to work on something, join the Discord server to discuss it and/or ask questions.

I'd really love to get a small core group of people who can continue to develop SWARFARM into the future. If you're interested in taking on this role, please join the join the Discord server and send a message to porksmash#1344.

Dec. 1, 2023

Changes after v8.1.5 Update

  • Bestiary and skill effects updated w/ new balance patch
  • Moved from old Building system to new Skill Level system (re-import your profile if you are missing monster stats)
  • Deleted references to old Building system (building tab, option to edit and calculate missing points, building comparison between users, etc.)
  • Added intangible artifacts
  • Optimized data log collection (at least 3x faster)

In addition, Com2us changed the way of getting (and informing) dungeon data from the server, at the start of the run. It means that we are no longer able to get the boss stats from GB, DB, SB, ... As of now, dimensional hole, raid and rift still collects that. I'll investigate it further, but at the first glance I didn't see any command that could contain that type of data.

Nov. 14, 2023

Cease of archiving logs

Because of incoming v8.1.4 update & overall drop rate improvements, I've decided to temporarily disable task responsible for archiving 2-week old data logs. Thanks to this, you will be able to compare old drop rates to new ones. It means that latest data log you can check, will be from 1st November.

As mentioned before, the ability to check archived logs will be available in new SWARFARM version (in progress).

Oct. 27, 2023

Status of SWARFARM after update v8.1.2

With today's patch, there were some changes related to 3rd party tools, which resulted in the SWEX ability to collect data as before the v8.0.9 update. It means that we are collecting data logs again.

On the side note, I've archived all data logs before v8.1.2 update. The archive will be browseable in new version.

Sept. 14, 2023

Status of SWARFARM after update v8.0.9

With the newest patch, I'm forced to make some changes in how SWARFARM will function in the future in reference to the news I've made 2 days ago. In short, we are no longer able to store data logs, or update dungeon monster stats. Xzandro explained the reason for these changes, so let me quote him.

Quote from Xzandro

After today's patch, com2us introduced new encryption keys/methods on pretty much all game events. Only event that is unaffected is the one, where you directly export your profile data file, to use in for example SWOP and SWARFARM. This seems to be a deliberate decision by com2us, because there is no way, that this is coincidence. You could think that this is good news, but it is not really. Although SWOP is widely unaffected, SWARFARM's data logs will not work currently and pretty much all other 3rd party tools, that need automatic data other than the profile file provided by SWEX will not work. [...] Release of SWEX 0.0.55 I released a new version, that removed the Disabled Merge sealed monster storage option and set it to false by default, because this option currently prevents SWEX from exporting your profile data, since com2us uses new encryption there too. So either manually disable the Disabled Merge sealed monster storage option in the SWEX settings or update to the newest version.

As you can see, if you download newest SWEX version (or disable merging sealed monster shrine storage) you should still be able to export your profile data, but that's all.

What works and what not?

  1. Bestiary data, f.e. skill multipliers - WORKS; SWARFARM wasn't using SWEX to obtain that data and its source hasn't changed
  2. Profile data, f.e. list of monsters, fusion - (PARTIALLY) WORKS; as mentioned by Xzandro, profile command is still functioning properly and the only thing which may be missing (I didn't check that yet) is list of monsters located in sealed monster shrine storage
  3. API - WORKS; strictly connected to Bestiary, works as intended
  4. Data logs - FROZEN UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE; with commands from all events we've been gathering (dungeon runs, shop refreshes, wishes etc.) being encrypted, we can no longer extract the detailed info from them; it means that we no longer can keep an eye of drop rates changes made by com2us; it's probably biggest hit taken by SWARFARM in this update; basically 1/3rd of the site becomes obsolete
  5. Boss & wave stats - FROZEN UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE IN v.8.0.8; this data was being parsed from command at the start of dungeon run; since we no longer can get that data, there is nothing I can do; reason same as for data logs
  6. Personal logs - FROZEN UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE; same as Data logs

What about SWARFARM changes announced 2 days ago?

  1. Optimization of profile parsing - UNAFFECTED
  2. Database optimization - UNAFFECTED
  3. Archive system - UNDECIDED
  4. Browsing archived data - FROZEN UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE; there will be nothing to compare to
  5. Fixing deadlocks - UNAFFECTED
  6. Migrating to front-end framework - SPED UP
  7. Creating more optimized API v3 - UNAFFECTED
  8. Feedback & github issues cleanup - UNAFFECTED

The priority list has changed a little bit. Optimizing data logs seems quite meaningless after the update.

Final speech

I'm really sad that a lot of tools people were relying on will stop working. Community devs dedicated their personal time to make something for other members and it has been rendered useless by just one change. Com2us knew what they did, which they showed by profile parsing still being intact. Instead of coming to terms with some of the community's ideas, popular tools and starting to live in synergy with us, their actions have taken many of us back to the days of Excel. Most of you will probably not see any problem in actions taken by Com2us, because bestiary has been unaffected and most popular tool (SWOP) still works and it is ok, understandable. Right now, when Com2us makes some change to drop rates, we won't be able to collect as big simple size as before. People will need to start manually record their runs, which will result in... 2k, 5k? In comparison to SWARFARM's 2-weeks timespan 200k+ (as of writing this news, GAH has over 260k records). With Beast Horn drop rate being incredibely low (~1/2000), one person can not collect reliable data.

We'll see how it goes, but I don't expect Com2us to put resources into providing reliable and secure API for community tools. Neither of starting to show drop rates or skill multipliers in game either.