Thank you to the donators Aug. 15, 2016

I'd just like to take a second and thank everyone out there who has donated in the past. My only goal is to cover server costs, and so far the donations have gone above and beyond and covered the site well into the future.

There are also a few awesome people who have set up monthly donations, and I'd just like to give you all a special thanks.

The site may seem to have stagnated lately on development, but I am actually still working! I'm preparing two pretty decent upgrades to the site layout and the rune/monster filters. It's taking longer than expected, and as usual work and real life get in the way.

Patch 2.2.2 changes applied July 27, 2016

The skill and monster updates from patch 2.2.2 have been applied to the Bestiary. Leave feedback if you notice any incorrect data.

Personal logs available for viewing and download July 6, 2016

Long promised, finally available. The logs you contribute via the SwarfarmLogger plugin for SWProxy are now available for personal viewing. You can view the exact same charts and tables of calculated data that is available for the global aggregated data, but individualized to only the data you have logged. You can also download files containing the actual data for your own personal use or analysis. The logs are available at

See here for instructions on how to log dungeon runs and summons.

If you're logging but no data is appearing for you, you need to do at least one SWProxy import at In the near future I'll do a 'find my unclaimed logs' function that searches the old data and can associate it to your account.

Server upgrades July 1, 2016

You might have noticed some intermittent problems with SWARFARM lately. The site has been growing and adding features and we ran out of RAM again. I've temporarily increased the server resources to hold us over for the short term. Over the next couple weeks I will be evaluating possible changes in the server infrastructure, so more downtime may be coming to make things more stable long term.

Better resources for streamers June 30, 2016

After some more chats with Harenik, we came up with a simple command that responds with your monster's rune sets, slot 2/4/6 stats, and a short link to the monster to view detailed stats and so forth. If you have added a note to the monster on SWARFARM, the note is included as well. For example:


!monster baretta

Nightbot Response:

Baretta: Focus/Despair - SPD/ATK %/HP % - TOA Stun Machine -

The message to use when setting up the nightbot command is:


Just replace 'porksmash' with your swarfarm account name. You can also put any text you want before or after the $(urlfetch .....) to customize it.

There are also some optional filters if you want to use them:

Append them to the end of the URL in the nightbot command like this:


Hopefully some of you find this useful! It's one command, never needs any effort from your part other than keeping your SWARFARM account updated. From my quick google search it seems like Nightbot is the only one that supports custom URL fetching, so this will not be easy to implement on any other twitch bot at this time. Please, correct me if I'm wrong!

Some more details: