Upcoming data log trim Sept. 23, 2016

On Sept 27th, we will have 2 weeks of data logged after the homunculus update. At that time, I will adjust the logs to only include data from the homunculus update and forward to better represent the state of the game. Your personal logs will also adjust to post-homunculus data. Don't worry - all your personal logs will still be saved and available for you to view and download.

3.0.2 Update Progress Sept. 7, 2016

Patch 3.0.2 brought some big changes. It will take time for me to update the site to be on par, but the new rune sets have already been added. In the near future I am adding the new crafting materials and then finally some way to view/plan your homonculus. There are also several areas of the site that are starting to look weird with the increased number of rune sets, so they will also be redesigned in the near future.

Update Sept 15th: New crafting materials are available and will also be included if you import via SWProxy.

Update Sept 19th: Homunculus base monsters have been added. Customization is not yet possible.

Buildings have been added Aug. 25, 2016

You can now add your buildings to your profile! You can also see how incredibly long it will actually take you to upgrade all the buildings to +10. To view the building contributions to your monster stats, use the new buttons in the stat section when viewing a monster's detail page. I am currently working on importing the building data automatically when you import from a pcap file or SWProxy JSON file.

Checkout the changelist for other minor changes.

New Layout, New Filters Aug. 18, 2016

Today you'll find the site has a new layout. It should improve a lot of issues people were having especially on mobile, and also makes some more room for new features I have planned.

There was also a huge upgrade to the filters (your monsters, runes, and the bestiary). Go try it out!

One thing to note, though, is that filtering rune substats requires you to re-save all your runes. I had to change some fields so searching substats doesn't murder the server, and re-saving runes updates the new fields. You can accomplish this by using the link in the rune menu. If it's not there, you don't need to do it.

Thank you to the donators Aug. 15, 2016

I'd just like to take a second and thank everyone out there who has donated in the past. My only goal is to cover server costs, and so far the donations have gone above and beyond and covered the site well into the future.

There are also a few awesome people who have set up monthly donations, and I'd just like to give you all a special thanks.

The site may seem to have stagnated lately on development, but I am actually still working! I'm preparing two pretty decent upgrades to the site layout and the rune/monster filters. It's taking longer than expected, and as usual work and real life get in the way.