Data logging with SWProxy and SWARFARM May 17, 2016

I've been working with the guys over at the SWProxy-plugins project to develop a centralized statistical resource for Summoner's War. We're currently collecting data on all dungeons, scenarios, and summons. We're currently only providing aggregate statistics for the data set, but this data is associated with your SWARFARM profile if you have previously imported SWProxy data. That means we can provide individualized statistics as soon as we develop the interface for it. We plan to add Raids, World Boss, and Wishes to our data collection, too.

If you want to contribute, all you need to do is download the package that includes the extra plugins from SWProxy-plugins and play the game while connected. Each time you summon or complete a run, the results are uploaded to SWARFARM and included in the statistics.

The interface is still a work in progress, but summons and HoH dungeon results are complete. Rune dungeons half done, but missing the most critical information (runes). Elemental dungeons and scenarios are coming soon. Anyway, go check it out!

Any suggestions are welcome in the feedback section or as an issue on the SWARFARM IO github project.

Patch 2.1.1 changes applied April 28, 2016

As usual, the skill up description for the new Panda Warriors are missing!

If you come across any of this information please leave some feedback so I can update the bestiary

A Few Improvements April 10, 2016

This update was bigger than normal! Here is the summary of the changes:

Patch 2.0.8 changes applied April 5, 2016

A little late, but all the balance changes from the 2.0.8 patch have been applied to the bestiary. There is a new skill effect 'Destroy HP' in the effect filters for the Beast Hunters and Beth's third skill.

Import SWProxy Friend Visit March 29, 2016

I've just added the ability to import a friend visit data file generated by SWProxy. Use the same import page as before.

There are some caveats to keep in mind! This data only contains your buildings and monsters. Equipped runes will be imported, but runes, grindstones, enchanting gems, and awakening essences are not available in this data. If you have previously imported rune inventory, the import confirmation will ask you if you want to delete them because they are not present in the import data.