March 15, 2020

Updated for patch 5.2.7

All of the balancing changes have now been applied to the bestiary, and a change with data logging for dungeon runs was patched by Lyrex.

March 1, 2020

Dimensional Hole Dungeons and other small updates

A couple weeks ago all of the dimensional hole dungeons were added to the bestiary dungeon section. This includes data logging through SWEX and the drop data.

Additionally, a few small updates have been going on in the background:

  • Rewrote the game data parsing code, resulting in more accurate awakening bonuses and other improvements in the bestiary.
  • Scraping dungeon enemy information from data logs to facilitate displaying all the enemy stats in dungeons.
  • Support for recording the quantity of enchant gems or grindstones in profile data.
Jan. 8, 2020

Patch 5.2.2 balance changes applied

The latest game balance changes have been applied. Please leave feedback if you notice any errors so it can be corrected quickly. What else has changed lately?

  • Added support for logging blessings that pop when a summon takes place.
  • dierdresm added a display of fusion ingredients to a monster's bestiary page, if it has a fusion recipe - thanks for this contribution
  • Updated how enchant/grind data is stored, so your profile exports can be used directly with the SWOP rune optimizer without issue
  • Added # of grinds and enchanted/not enchanted filters to your rune collection.
Dec. 1, 2019

Werewolf and Martial Cat 2nd Awakenings Added

You can now check out the new 2nd awakenings for Martial Cats and Werewolves in the bestiary and add them to your profiles. If you notice any errors in the skill data or effects please leave some feedback so I can update it.

Nov. 8, 2019

Balance patch 5.1.3 changes applied

As always if you notice any errors in the skill or monster information, please leave some feedback or drop a note in the #swarfarm-support channel of the Discord server