Server upgrades July 1, 2016

You might have noticed some intermittent problems with SWARFARM lately. The site has been growing and adding features and we ran out of RAM again. I've temporarily increased the server resources to hold us over for the short term. Over the next couple weeks I will be evaluating possible changes in the server infrastructure, so more downtime may be coming to make things more stable long term.

Better resources for streamers June 30, 2016

After some more chats with Harenik, we came up with a simple command that responds with your monster's rune sets, slot 2/4/6 stats, and a short link to the monster to view detailed stats and so forth. If you have added a note to the monster on SWARFARM, the note is included as well. For example:


!monster baretta

Nightbot Response:

Baretta: Focus/Despair - SPD/ATK %/HP % - TOA Stun Machine -

The message to use when setting up the nightbot command is:


Just replace 'porksmash' with your swarfarm account name. You can also put any text you want before or after the $(urlfetch .....) to customize it.

There are also some optional filters if you want to use them:

Append them to the end of the URL in the nightbot command like this:


Hopefully some of you find this useful! It's one command, never needs any effort from your part other than keeping your SWARFARM account updated. From my quick google search it seems like Nightbot is the only one that supports custom URL fetching, so this will not be easy to implement on any other twitch bot at this time. Please, correct me if I'm wrong!

Some more details:

Resources for streamers June 20, 2016

At the request of Harenik, I've recently added a feature to the API to help with generating Twitch bot commands to view your monsters. From what I understand, getting the unique URL to each monster is the most time consuming part of setting up your bot commands. To help, I added a feature to the API that gives you a simple list of the monsters you own and the direct URLs to view them in JSON format. You can access it via this URL (just replace 'porksmash' with your profile name):

I'm open to any other suggestions that will help make things easier! Leave some feedback if you have any ideas.

Stat scaling filters for skills June 16, 2016

Skill stat scaling filters are now available in the bestiary and your monster collection. The filter matching is loose - for example, filtering on DEF and MAX HP will not require DEF and MAX HP scaling to be on one skill. It can be a monster that has one skill that scales on DEF and another skill that scales on MAX HP.

If you experience any issues please leave some feedback!

2.1.3 Patch changes and Elemental Essence Dungeons June 5, 2016

All of the patch changes from 2.1.3 have been applied to the bestiary and your individual monsters.

In addition, the elemental essence dungeons are now available in the SWProxy data log. Spoiler alert: B7 and B10 drop the same amount of mid essences for the energy spent!