July 31, 2019

Say Hello to the Dungeon Section

There's a new button up in the top bar that links to a new section of the site. At this time, the Dungeon section contains all of the global data analysis (for dungeons only, of course - more on that later) giving you insight into all of the drop rates.

Future plans for this section include:

  • Adding enemy wave and boss stat data
  • Adding TOA, Labyrinth, and other dungeons

To provide a place for the other non-dungeon data log reports, I will also be adding an item and building reference section. Any buildings or items with associated data logs will have the statistical reports available there.

Those are great plans, but the next step for the site is implementing the data log statistics and filtering for your personal accounts.

May 20, 2019

Big SW-Exporter Update Available

Xzandro and I have just released a big update to SW-Exporter. Check out the release for the feature list. The big item is the external plugin support - now anyone can write plugins for SW-Exporter! Details of developing plugins are in the readme.

Specifically for the SWARFARM logger plugin, I have a couple new features. First, the plugin now authenticates with the provided API key when logging events. This fixes an issue where some users have multiple SWARFARM accounts associated with the same in-game accounts, and SWARFARM did not know which account to attach log events to. The API key will ensure that a specific SWARFARM account is used.

Second, there is now support for multiple API keys by entering a JSON mapping instead of just a plain API key. The mapping provides an association between your in-game account number and the API key. The mapping should look like this:

{ "12345678": "19fc64e770084cafac2e2494d6cc0aec", "87654321": "36443dd2e6ad422dad433292b18efa5e" }

I have set up an example in an online JSON editing tool for you to start with here. Be sure to check if your mapping is valid before using it in the plugin! You can add as many new entries to the mapping as you have accounts.

The first, shorter number is your in-game account ID. This matches the number in the profile json filename you normally import into SWOP and SWARFARM. For example, if the profile JSON filename is porksmash-44553123.json, your account number is 44553123. The second longer alphanumerical string is your SWARFARM API key. To find or generate an API key, log into the website, click on your account name, and select Edit Profile. There is an API key field there with a generate button.

The final update for the SWARFARM logger plugin is that it will automatically update itself if the server has changed the in-game events that can be logged. I do this occasionally to add new areas of the game to log, or fix bugs because I am not requesting the right data. This was a problem for people who leave SW-Exporter running for extended periods of time.

May 18, 2019

Enhancing Monster Storage added

All the angel/devil/king/rainbowmons you put into that nice new building Com2US added now appear under the material storage section of your profile. These values are automatically updated when you import your profile from the SW-Exporter profile dump.

April 7, 2019

Patch 4.2.5 Updates Applied

If you notice any issues please leave a note in the feedback section.

April 7, 2019

Personal Data Logs Now Available

Yes, the Data Logs button disappeared from the top bar. No, don't panic! There is a new section available when viewing your profile to access your personal data logs. At the moment this is simply a table view of data logs, with no statistical reports. If you care, check your logs for accuracy and please report any issues in the feedback section.

Here's the short-term roadmap, which covers all the steps involved in item #3 in the previous post:

  1. Completed Table based views for personal data logs
  2. Personal log statistical reports
  3. Integration of dungeon data into bestiary
  4. Globally aggregated statistical reports integrated into bestiary.