Site layout shuffle March 17, 2016

I've shuffled around a few features with the last update.

Also in the latest update:

Donations appreciated Jan. 28, 2016


A very generous user has submitted a monthly donation that covers the full monthly cost of hosting.

SWARFARM has grown lately. We're at over 12,000 active users, and computationally intensive features like the SWParser importing (combined with free rune removal day!) made the little server run out of RAM and choke to death. I've upgraded the resources and things seem to be running much smoother. Of course, costs have also increased. So far I've covered it out of pocket. I'd greatly appreciate any donations towards the monthly costs. SWARFARM will always be ad-free because I hate internet ads.

You can see the detailed breakdown on the donations page.

Server upgrade! Jan. 9, 2016

It finally happened. We outgrew the tiny little 1 CPU 1GB RAM server with the two hit combo of SWParser importing and free rune removal day. I've just upgraded the server so hopefully everything will be a bit faster now.

1.8.0 Oct. 30, 2015

Patch changes from 1.8.0 have been applied

Runes are live! Oct. 21, 2015

I've finally gotten the runes system into a state fit to publish. You'll find it at the shiny new button in the top toolbar. Before you go and add all 300 runes in your inventory, though, I'd like to say that a rune optimizer is a very, very long ways off. I'll personally only be adding runes that are currently assigned to my monsters for the time being.

Runes can be managed from the runes section or the individual monster view. You can directly assign a rune to a monster when creating it from scratch, or create a rune from the monster view page.

This update brings a lot of changes in how things work in many areas of the site. If you encounter any issues I beg you to leave some feedback with as much information as possible. Screenshots, javascript console errors, and browser/operating system are all greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: Rune import/export feature is live. Access it from your rune inventory page. More import/export features are coming soon like detect duplicates and import/export monsters.