Khalderun Remains - Frankenstein


MonsterStarsLevelHPAttackDefenseSpeedResistanceAccuracyCritical RateCritical Damage Reduction
Wave 1Medium Crystal (Light)66219695249310341124545250
Medium Crystal (Light)6621773027439011084545250
Medium Crystal (Light)66219695249310341124545250
Medium Crystal (Light)6621773027439011084545250
Medium Crystal (Light)66219695249310341124545250
Wave 2Medium Crystal (Light)66222695261810851084545250
Medium Crystal (Light)66222695261810851084545250
Wave 3Boss 프랑켄 2차 각성 보스(빛) (Light)66596000168028001244560250
2차각성 프랑켄 수정_왼쪽(빛) (Light)6655250018759001204560250
2차각성 프랑켄 수정_오른쪽(빛) (Light)6655250018759001244560250

  • Date Range: 09/03/2023 - 09/13/2023
  • 2500 records
  • 135 unique contributors

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DropChanceQuantityAvg. Per 100
Mana Mana 100.000%3194 - 11274404740.400
Crystal Crystal 4.760%1 - 24.800
Ancient Magic Stone Ancient Magic Stone 46.120%11 - 15583.840
Khalderun's Rune Ore Khalderun's Rune Ore 34.600%4 - 7179.520
Ancient Magic Origin Ancient Magic Origin 19.280%2 - 456.920

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