Punisher's Crypt


MonsterStarsLevelHPAttackDefenseSpeedResistanceAccuracyCritical RateCritical Damage Reduction
Wave 1Medium Crystal (Light)112135012897103105150
Small Crystal (Light)3121860128109106105150
Small Crystal (Light)3121860128109106105150
Medium Crystal (Light)112135012897103105150
Wave 2Tower (Light)1136750166127107010150
Boss Ancient Intercessor (Light)31378302821451131510150
Tower (Light)1136750166127109010150
Wave 3Medium Crystal (Light)113135012896103105150
Small Crystal (Light)3131845128107106105150
Small Crystal (Light)3131845128107106105150
Small Crystal (Light)3131845128107106105150
Medium Crystal (Light)113135012896103105150
Wave 4Tower (Light)1106720166127107010150
Boss Ancient Punisher (Light)31514145326182116010150
Tower (Light)1106720166127109010150

  • Date Range: 04/23/2023 - 09/13/2023
  • 2500 records
  • 142 unique contributors

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DropChanceQuantityAvg. Per 100
Mana Mana 100.000%1279 - 4902225897.600
Energy Energy 57.280%1 - 583.640
Crystal Crystal 4.680%1 - 34.800
Shapeshifting Stone Shapeshifting Stone 0.560%1 - 31.000
Unknown Scroll Unknown Scroll 20.600%3 - 471.920
Summoning Stone Summoning Stone 1.960%1 - 33.760
Mystical Scroll Mystical Scroll 0.480%10.480
Conversion Stone Conversion Stone 6.200%1 - 312.000
Rainbowmon 2.0%
Rainbowmon 3.3%
Rainbowmon 0.2%

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Artifact Drops

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Artifact Drops


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