Lumel Remains - Werewolf


MonsterStarsLevelHPAttackDefenseSpeedResistanceAccuracyCritical RateCritical Damage Reduction
Wave 1Medium Crystal (Water)5521294519996441053440200
Small Crystal (Water)5521167022015851033440200
Medium Crystal (Water)5521294519996441053440200
Small Crystal (Water)5521167022015851033440200
Medium Crystal (Water)5521294519996441053440200
Wave 2Medium Crystal (Water)5521357521006771053440200
Medium Crystal (Water)5521357521006771053440200
Wave 3Boss Werewolf 2A (Water)55565550210723241173410200
Tower (Water)5553340515087711123440200
Tower (Water)5552850015088591223440200

  • Date Range: 01/02/2023 - 09/13/2023
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DropChanceQuantityAvg. Per 100
Mana Mana 100.000%1856 - 6457257101.475
Crystal Crystal 3.388%13.388
Ancient Magic Stone Ancient Magic Stone 43.825%5 - 9317.213
Lumel's Rune Ore Lumel's Rune Ore 37.158%2 - 4101.967
Ancient Magic Origin Ancient Magic Origin 19.016%1 - 337.486

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