1.7.6 Monsters Added Sept. 30, 2015

All of the monsters from the patch have been added! As usual, I am missing the max skill level and level up description for most of the new skills. If you summon one of the monsters I am missing the description from please leave a feedback! Be sure to include each line of the level-up text.

Missing skill level-up description text:

Delete account Sept. 11, 2015

You can now delete your account. The link is accessible by clicking on your username and going to Edit Profile.

After you confirm the verification that you do want to delete your account, all of your information, monsters, teams, and any other data is immediately deleted. There is no chance of recovery and I will not accept requests to restore accounts from backups.

Friends! Sept. 4, 2015

One popular feature request was some sort of way to have friends or a list of other people's profiles. I've added a twitter style following system. There is no public directory of users, though, so to follow someone you need to have a link to their profile. On their page you will see a button to start following them. Only public profiles can be followed, but if you have a private profile you can still follow public profiles.

You can view the list of people you're following with the new button next to your username, and also see who is following you (if they are public).

Improved feedback system Sept. 3, 2015

As the site is growing, the feedback I get is growing both in volume and complexity. I've upgraded the feedback system to help out myself and all you users. Now you can:

I always appreciate user feedback and I hope this will allow me to collect and implement more great ideas.

Change username function now available Aug. 10, 2015

I've gotten several requests to change usernames, and now it's possible to do on your own! Click your username and go to Edit Profile, then follow the link to Change Username.